Dual Arm Pig Splitter with Circular Saw

The RPS-D (Dual Arm Pig Splitter with Circular Saw) combines two industrial robots with the same controller so the robot arms act as a single machine. The carcass is split into two halves along the spine. The cut is executed vertically to the end of the Atlas vertebra with no damage to the tails. Alternatively, the splitting tool cuts through the head completely, depending on customer preferences. After each process, a cycle of cleanliness and disinfection is performed in a separate unit.

Capacity ⇒ Up to 650 pigs/h
Weight ⇒ 60 – 140 kg
Tool ⇒ Electrically operated tool with circular saw blade and servo motors
Sterilitzation ⇒ Sterilization after each cycle in the cleaning cabinet