Robot pH measuring

The RPH (Robot pH measuring) combines an industrial robot in a hygienic configuration and an optimized probe for puncture and measuring the pH in addition to an automatic calibration station. The AiRA RPH robot measures the pH value in hams for later marking and classification. The entire system is equipped and protected to be installed in the cooling room or deboning plant. The robot performs the puncture in follow-up with the production line until the pH value stabilizes. This value is analysed and managed by the acquisition system, which performs the marking on the carcass and complements the customer database for its later traceability.

Capacity ⇒ Up to 450 pigs/h
Weight ⇒ 60 – 140 kg
Tool ⇒ Puncture electrode with automatic calibration system
Sterilitzation ⇒ Installed in the cooling room/deboning plant (no need for sterilization)