Robot Leaf Lard Remover

The RLR (Robot Leaf Lard Remains Remover) combines a six-axis industrial robot in a hygienic configuration with a highly specialized tool. The RLR robot is the automated solution to replace the laborious work of removing the leaf lard remains. When the carcasses are split and the leaf lard has been removed, the robot removes the remains of lard on both half carcasses simultaneously. It can perform a cycle of cleanliness and sterilization after each cycle, depending on the preferences of the customer.

Capacity ⇒ Up to 700 pigs/h
Weight ⇒ 60 – 140 kg
Tool ⇒ Pneumatically controlled and pneumatically operated servo extraction rollers
Sterilitzation ⇒ Sterilization after each cycle in the cleaning cabinet if necessary